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Earth Plot is an orbital element tracking program. It is in the early stages of developement.

Earth Plot uses the following libraries:

See also EarthPlot for Windows

Earth Plot for Mac OS X Release History

    Code cleaning and improvements to shared SDL2 code.

    Added ability to load multiple TLEs on start up.

    Updated Mac version with latest features.

    Wrote an ini file library in ANSI C.
    Save window size and position to ini file.
    Save map projection to ini file.
    Save misc app info to ini file.

    Changed SGP4 code to use "C++ SGP4 Satellite Library" by danrw.
    Tracking now works thanks to new SGP4 library.
The data can be plotted in different map projections. Press 'P' to cycle through the four supported map projections.

Earth Plot is currently coded to look for a file named "tle.txt" at:
/Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/Joyful Coder/EarthPlot

The tle.txt file contains the names of the TLE files you want Earth Plot to load.

The file can simply be a list of full path file names.

# Comment lines begin with a '#' character.
C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\iss.tle
C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\pegasus.tle
If all your files are in the same path then specify a path for subsequent files with a '>' character.
> C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\
# Stop using the specified path with a '<' character.
Have a collection of TLEs in one file? Put an asterisk before the file name.
> C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\
* 20161219.tle
# Only specified elements are loaded.
# Specify elements by their catalog number.
# Stop using the specified collection with another '*' character.