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Earth Plot is an orbital element tracking program. It is in the early stages of developement.

Earth Plot uses the following libraries:

EarthPlot requires the SDL2 Framework to be in one of your Mac's Frameworks folders.

If you do not already have it then you can download it here.

See also EarthPlot for Windows

EarthPlot for Release History

	Fix clicking orbital element when Info docked left or top.
	Fix crash when bitmap font not found.
	Fix labels being clipped on right side of plot.  Elements that are east of
		the prime meridian are now right justified.
	Improve error reporting.
	Internal optimizations.
	Use latest SPG4 lib changes from GitHub.
	Plot has a 10 pixel padding.  This can now be set from the ini:
		Section = Plot, Key = Padding.
	Plot shows orbital elements as a pixel of size 3.  Can now set from ini:
		Section = Plot, Key = OrbSize.

	Fix 'Orbital #' not updating.
	Fix TLE parsing name lines with '0 ' prefix.

	Added info panel showing details of selected orbital element.

	Fix another label issue.
	The coordinates in top left corner are meant for debug purposes and
		always show the first loaded orbital element on startup.  I do plan to
		show an info panel showing more information for orbital elements.
	Left clicking an orbital element now displays it's coordinates in the top
		left corner.  This is in preparation for the coming soon info panel.

	Fix labels for TLE data without names.  This was causing bad labels and
		sometimes a crash.  If no name then catalog number is used.
	Add support for TLE data with a name line numbered 0.  The 0 is stripped.

	Display labels for all orbital elements.
	Using newer version of SGP4 library.
	Fixed loading multiple TLEs in the same file.  Can now load .txt files
		downloaded from celestrak.com web site.
	Support EarthPlot.ini in data folder or app folder.  See online Help
		for more information.
	Many internal changes to the data handling areas.
	This release is built with Visual Studio Express 2015.

	Code cleaning and improvements to shared SDL2 code.

	Added ability to load multiple TLEs on start up.

	Updated Mac version with latest features.

	Wrote an ini file library in ANSI C.
	Save window size and position to ini file.
	Save map projection to ini file.
	Save misc app info to ini file.

	Changed SGP4 code to use "C++ SGP4 Satellite Library" by danrw.
	Tracking now works thanks to new SGP4 library.


Settings are loaded from and saved to a file named EarthPlot.ini. EarthPlot will first look for this file in your application data folder.

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Joyful Coder\EarthPlot\

/Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/Joyful Coder/EarthPlot/

If the file is not found there it will look for it in the same folder as the executable. If the file is not found where the executable is then it will create the file in your application data folder when you exit.

Coastlines File

The coastlines file contains the data used for drawing the coastlines on the map. EarthPlot looks for a file named world.dat in the same folder as the executable file.

You can tell EarthPlot to use a different file name and location by adding a Key named Data in a Section named Coastlines in the EarthPlot.ini file.

TLE Manager File

The TLE Manager File is a text file used to tell EarthPlot which TLEs to load. EarthPlot looks for a file named tle.txt in the same folder as the EarthPlot.ini file. See the Settings section above to learn where EarthPlot looks for the EarthPlot.ini file.

You can tell EarthPlot to use a different file name and location by adding a Key named Data in a Section named TLE in the EarthPlot.ini file.

The tle.txt file contains the names of the TLE files you want Earth Plot to load.

The file can simply be a list of full path file names.

# Comment lines begin with a '#' character.
C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\iss.tle
C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\pegasus.tle
If you have multiple files in the same folder then specify a path for subsequent files with a '>' character.
> C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\
# Stop using the specified path with a '<' character.
Do you have a collection of TLEs in one file but don't want EarthPlot to load them all? Put an asterisk before the file name and on the following lines put the catalog numbers of the elements you want loaded.
> C:\Users\joyfulcoder\Documents\Earth Plot Data\
* 20161219.tle
# Only specified elements are loaded.
# Specify elements by their catalog number.
# Stop using the specified collection with another '*' character.

Information Panel

The Information Panel displays details about the selected orbital element.
Press I to show and hide the Information Panel.
Press Shift-I to dock the Information Panel to a different side of the window.

Map Projections

The data can be plotted in different map projections.
Press P to cycle through the different map projections.